Marriage Information

Regarding Your Wedding Ceremony

at Auburn United Methodist Church


Regarding Your Wedding Ceremony

At Auburn United Methodist Church


The wedding Ceremony is one of life's most significant occasions.   Therefore, unhurried, careful planning is essential.   This is true whether the couple anticipates a service with only a few relatives and friends in attendance, or a sanctuary service with several hundred guests.

The Pastor of AUMC is happy to meet with couples who are not members of the church as well as members who would like to have their wedding here.  Unless the Pastor gives special permission, the current pastor of AUMC will officiate all wedding services held in at AUMC. 

The Christian wedding is a sacred covenant and those coming to the church for marriage will recognize the covenantal character of this Christian act.   Those who cannot in good conscience agree to this understanding are encouraged to seek secular assistance for their marriage.

The information found here is designed to help those who desire to be married in a Christian service at Auburn United Methodist Church.   Before making arrangements for a wedding at Auburn, please read all the information carefully.

THE DATE:   Request a wedding date as early as possible so that it may be placed on the church calendar without a possibility of a conflict.   When you call the church, and the date is approved by the pastor, we will pencil your date in on the calendar. When we receive the Wedding Information Form and the Deposit we will officially put your wedding date on the calendar.   Please call to make sure the Form and deposit was received.

THE WEDDING HOSTESS:  You will meet with the wedding hostess before the wedding to plan any details that need attention. She will be opening and closing the church the day of the rehearsal and the wedding. She will also assist you in any needs that may arise while getting ready or before the wedding service. The day of the wedding she will direct the florist, photographer and wedding party as needed. 

THE PRE WEDDING SESSIONS:   The pastor will set up several meetings with both of you.   These sessions will cover the details involved in preparing for the wedding ceremony.

THE REHEARSAL:   In most cases a wedding rehearsal is desired.   This is usually the day before the wedding.   Rehearsals at Auburn UMC take about an hour.  

THE MUSIC:   You are responsible for contacting the church organist! The organ/piano prelude, processional, and recessional are the natural part of the wedding itself.   Appropriate music enhances the occasion by helping to create a mood of reverence and beauty.   Not everything is appropriate for a religious service such as a wedding.   Please discuss your desires for music with the church organist.   She will help you to choose music which is both meaningful and appropriate.   The use of a soloist must be cleared in advance with the organist and rehearsal arrangements will be made.   The church organist will play for all weddings.   When a guest organist is desired, it is with permission of the pastor and organist.

FLOWERS:   Altar flowers supplied by the florist of your choice are an appropriate colorful addition to your wedding.   Deliveries to the church should be made at least an hour before the service.   Please do NOT use tape, tacks of any kind on the walls or furniture (pews) of the church.   Flowers may be left for the worship services the following Sunday, if you wish.

MARRIAGE LICENSE:   The LICENSE needs to be given to the pastor at the rehearsal, for our peace of mind on the day of the wedding. The license is required by law to be in the pastor's hands before the ceremony can begin.

An AISLE RUNNER is NOT recommended at Auburn UMC.

The LOUNGE of the church is provided for the bride and her attendants to dress in, or to make last minute adjustments to apparel.

PHOTOGRAPHERS, professional or amateur, are welcome to take pictures before and after the wedding.   General time is allowed after the services to pose and capture photographic mementos.    Videotaping done in a quiet and professional manner is welcome. Photographers and videographers are NOT to block the aisle so that members of the wedding party must walk around them.  And no one in the wedding party will be “stopping” for a picture. That interrupts this holy and sacred ceremony.  No flash pictures may be taken in the sanctuary during the service.

ALCOHOL is NOT permitted on church property. Also, if anyone in the wedding party is intoxicated at the time of the wedding they will not be participating in the ceremony.

PROMPTNESS of the wedding party and guests at both the rehearsal and wedding ceremony is expected.

BELLS or BUBBLES are welcomed to shower the happy couple.   Please do not use anything else such as rice, confetti or bird seed.

PARKING in the church parking lot is available for guests.  

CANDLES:   The church provides altar candles.  The couple is responsible for purchasing a Unity Candle/s.  No scented candles please.     

KIDS:  Please have someone responsible to watch over any small children.

THE COST:      Sanctuary:    $200 (non-member)     or       $100 (active attending member)

                            Pastor: $200 (non-member)    or     Honorarium at the discretion of the couple  (active attending member)

                            Pastor Off-Site:$250

                            Organist:  $200

                            Custodian: $75

                            Wedding Hostess: $100  

                            Sound Technician: $50 (only for those using any pre-recorded music or have soloists)

We ask that all payment be paid in cash at the time of the rehearsal. There is a $100 deposit required when you send in your wedding information sheet. That will be applied to your balance. You can receive your deposit back up to 3 months before the wedding. 

Wedding Information Form

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