February 2019   
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God bless our church’s STARBUCK Scholarship

            On Sept. 24 the Scholarship Committee on Sept. 24 approved 18 Starbuck Scholarships-all of which were full $700 scholarships! Total scholarships for 2009 amounted to $12,600.
                “Since 1983 when the Starbuck Fund started, 577 scholarships amounting to $307.048.50 will have been given to 171 recipients. The market value of the Fund as of Aug. 31, 2009—the most recent date that the market value of the fund was available—was $469,735.13.
                I would expect that a continued recovery of equity prices will continue to bring our total market value of our portfolio closer to its all-time high Aug.31, 2008, of $560,499.10,” said Wilbur L .Townsend, Chairman.