We are Blessed to welcome our confirmations & New Members to our church family

An excellent performance by our youth and adults.

Thank you for a job well done! We really enjoyed it.

All enjoyed a wonderful dinner!

Every year we walk for Breast Cancer and especially for Kathy Pipher who is a survivor for 4 1/2 years! Way to go Kathy!

Thank you to all who helped out and those who brought their lovely pets to the Blessing!

A wonderful event with great church family workers! Thanks to all who worked to make this a success and to all who attended!

Our church had an auction, Kathy Pipher and Sharon Fehlman won this wonderful prize of basket weaving for five people. We had a very talented instructor Barb Klem. All made wonderful baskets, had a great time doing so and some of us will be back! Thanks Barb Klem!

A wonderful Spiritual time was had by all!

Carolyn Crandall leads the Soup Kitchen every third Saturday for our church! Thank you Carolyn, great job!

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Was a wonderfully fun-filled event!